Selecting the perfect graphic T-shirt

A graphic T-shirt is an essential in everybody’s wardrobe. Whether you are male or female, kid or adult, having one is a staple in your closet. It is very versatile for you to wear. You can dress it up or dress it down, and you can mix and match it. You can combine it with anything you desire. It goes perfectly with jeans, shorts, skirts, pants, and you can even layer it under a dress if you’d like. A graphic T-shirt is a fun way to express your style and express yourself. You can find one in possibly every clothing store with lots of different options. From the ones with your favorite rock band printed on the front to m&m t shirt that pops in color, the choices are abundant. Here are a few tips and tricks for selecting the best graphic T-shirt suited for you.


cfh94laWhen you talk about the style of T-shirts, you talk about their neck style, hem length and fit. For neck style, there are three basic styles which are the crew neck, scoop neck, and v-neck. The crew neck is the least revealing with only a simple circle cut following the line of your neck. The scoop neck, on the other hand, is a deeply curved neckline that is wide enough to show off your clavicle. And the v-neck is self-explanatory in its name, it has a V-shaped neckline to frame your neck. Basic hem length comes in two options; standard length and extra long. Standard length stops just around your belt line while extra long ones drop below it. An additional hem length is the cropped which usually drops just below the bust. For fits, there are fitted T-shirts and loosely fitted ones. If you like a figure-hugging top, opt for the fitted ones, and if you want one that is comfortable and does not hug the body, then go for the loosely fitted ones.


The best T-shirts are the ones made out of cotton or cotton blend. For the best feel look for ones made with 100 percent cotton varieties, cotton and synthetic blends, or a full synthetic variety. Even though it could be made from the same material, different stores provide different thickness in fabrics. Thinner ones are best for a loose style, while thicker ones are usually more sturdy. Choose one that best suit your preference.


pjbhbd39yfGraphic tees come in such an abundance of options regarding design. From all the colors of the rainbow to the pastels and the nudes, and back to basics with black and white. The colors are endless. When choosing the print, choose the ones that speak to you, one that triggers a memory or a feeling, or just something fun and something you like.